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Chloropac® Applications
Ships and Vessels - Oil tanker, Naval fleet auxiliary, Supply boat, Naval fleet ship, Ferry, Container ship, Cruise ship, Cargo carrier, Gas carrier, Barge


The perpetual growth of sea life within a ships engine cooling system can have a high cost even to the smallest vessels and signifies an annual charge often overlooked, not to mention the destruction and shortened life of equipment affected by corrosion caused by marine fouling. Electrocatalytic's Chloropac electrochlorination equipment offers a final and comprehensive solution to the issues relating to marine bio fouling, other technology cannot. Some of these benefits include ridding vessels of over-heated engines, improved rpm, increasing air conditioning capacity (happy passengers) and prevention of corrosion caused by fouling.

Bio-fouling restricts cooling flow in pipe runs and reduces heat transfer across heat exchangers and condensers thereby reducing the efficiency of the system and increasing fuel consumption. Chloropac will keep the cooling system free of bio fouling and maintain the efficiency of heat transfer.

The CHLOROPAC ‘Marine’ range is specifically designed for ships. CHLOROPAC C.T.E. Technology is proven to be the most advanced seawater electrolyser cell design. CHLOROPAC equipment provide technically superior energy efficient, long term operation. Electrocatalytic engineers will be pleased to advise on equipment selection, materials, location and installation details.

CHLOROPAC produces in situ, a dilute, safe solution of sodium hypochlorite in a side steam for re injection into the seachest cooling water. This advanced technology has freed thousands of users worldwide from the cost and danger of purchasing and handling chemicals associated with other types of technologies