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LDM - Liner Diameter Measuring

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1    Purpose:

The LDM is used for making a quick investigation of the liner condition in liners for 2-stroke engines.
The main advantage is that the cylinder head does not need to be removed.
The instrument is inserted in the liner through the scavenging ports. Removal (and assembly) of head does not only takes several hours,
it is also a risk of not getting it completely correct back again.

By using the LDM a correct result is achieved quickly without increasing the risk of introducing an error.

2    EC declaration of conformity

Due to included radio transmitter components special tests must be carried out to meet respective countries standards.

At this moment the LDM has a CE-label which is required for use within EU and Turkey.

Further tests will be carried out for verifying compliance with other standards, of which the most immediate are:
USA, Japan, China and Korea.
Please revert to us with queries about the time schedule for these tests.

3    The measurement process:

•    Calibrate the system
•    Put the piston in its lowest position
•    Attach the piston height measurement device to the underside of the piston
•    Insert the measurement device and place it on top of the piston
•    Move the piston to desired position and carry out the predefined number of
     diameter readings
•    Move piston to next position and measure diameters again
•    Continue until finished
•    Evaluate the measured data in the handheld terminal or transmit measurement data to a PC for further evaluation, storing  or report generation

Approximate measurement time:
Total time about 1 hour per liner for measurement of 4 diameters on 9 heights (of which setup time is about 20 minutes)

4    Accuracy:
The system accuracy is 0,03 mm

5    LDM consists of the following parts:

Measurement unit:
Inserted to the liner and put on top of the piston. Measured data is transmitted via radiolink to an antenna inserted in the start air valve. The antenna is connected to an interface box

Piston height measurement device:
Attached underneath the piston with a magnet. A cable connection to the interface box

Interface box:
Input signals: Antenna and Piston height measurement unit
Output signal: Bluetooth to a handheld computer (PDA)

Stored data can be transferred to an excel application in any PC by Bluetooth, USB or by SD-card

In addition there are tools for calibration of the system.

1    Purpose:

- To the LDM Product page
- LDM functions (pdf format)

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